Visitor survey

Thank you for taking a few minutes to complete this visitor survey to help us improve our services and visitor satisfaction.

Visitor survey
1- In what context did you visit Visiatome?

2- What do you think of the information explaining how to reach Visiatome (signs, map and directions, GPS position, etc.)?

3- Do you find our admission fees reasonable?

4- Do you consider our opening hours appropriate (10am to 6pm on weekdays, 2pm to 6pm on weekends)?

5- What is your opinion of the cleanliness and maintenance of the site?

6- How would you rate the quality of the reception?

7- If you took a guided tour, how would you rate the quality of your tour?

8- If you took a self-guided tour, how would you rate the quality of the Visitor's Guide you received?

9- Did you encounter any difficulties in using the interactive facilities (tickets, touch-screens, mockups, etc.)?

10- Did you enjoy your visit?

11- What made you decide to come to Visiatome?

12- Will you come back to Visiatome?

13- Visiatome organizes free scientific events for families (themed evenings, scientific workshops, etc.). Have you already taken part in one of these events?

14- If you answered Yes, what type of event did you participate in?

15- Did you enjoy it?

16- Would you like to repeat that experience?

17- Visiatome regularly organizes free lectures and discussions in the auditorium. Have you already attended one?

18- Do you have any comments or suggestions for improving our services?

19- If you would like to be informed of future events at Visiatome, please leave us your email address:

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