Science museum

In a society where energy and science are subject to debate, Visiatome is a center for discovery and learning proposed by the Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commission (CEA), a French public research organization. Intended for the general public, it is entirely devoted to energy challenges, radioactivity, and the issues of nuclear energy and radioactive waste. The exhibits emphasize transparency and educational experience — but also the pleasure of discovery. It provides a unique opportunity in Europe for sharing a culture of science and knowledge about energy: a subject that concerns us all.

With 600 m2 of colorful mockups, interactive educational tools and discovery modules, Visiatome invites the public to see, touch, and play while becoming familiar with the keys to fundamental questions:

  • How to combine sustainable development with a dependable energy supply?
  • Is abundant, reliable and reasonably priced energy possible?
  • Can nuclear energy address this challenge? How?
  • Is radioactive waste dangerous? And what becomes of it?
  • Why Visiatome?
    Science in general, and energy in particular, have become subjects of debate in society today.
  • Permanent exhibition
    Learn while having fun in an entertaining interactive journey with films, simulations, experiments and games.
  • Temporary exhibits
    Check the list of temporary exhibits proposed by Visiatome on a variety of subjects all year long.
  • Other activities
    Educational workshops, temporary exhibits, lectures, Science Festival ? there?s always a good reason to come to Visiatome!
  • A few figures
    Facts and figures about Visiatome.