Other activities

Ateliers pédagogiquesEducational workshops, lectures, Science Festival, Researchers’ Night, temporary exhibits, etc. There’s always a good reason to come to Visiatome — and to come back again!

In addition to its permanent exhibition, Visiatome proposes:

  • educational workshops for children and teenagers during school holidays,
  • temporary exhibits on scientific or cultural subjects,
  • monthly lectures and discussions organized by the “Friends of Visiatome” on a variety of scientific topics or subjects combining science and society,
  • special events: Science Festival, Researchers’ Night, …

Sometimes Visiatome organizes external workshops. Some examples:

“Springtime for Kids” in Nîmes on Saturday March 31 and Sunday April 1, 2012

The 59th national conference for physics and chemistry teachers in Montpellier on October 25, 2011

National science week in Pelindaba, South Africa, from August 1 to 6, 2011
NECSA (South African Nuclear Energy Corporation) invited Visiatome to join it in celebrating the South African science week. A resounding success, with 3000 visitors at the NECSA Visitor Center in Pelindaba, near Pretoria, the local equivalent of the Visiatome at Marcoule.

• Science picnic in Warsaw, Poland on May 25, 2011
Visiatome was invited by the French Embassy in Poland to take part in the Science picnic, the equivalent of the Science Festival in France. A big turnout for this event with about 100 000 visitors from all over Poland.